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Cyprus Business Directory - Help

General Questions

1. What is services.com.cy An active search directory for companies and freelancers all over Cypus to advertise their  Business/Services

2. Is it free?  To signup and submit a listing is completely free, however there are also paid packages

3. Why prefer Paid and not  Free listings? Paid listing options are the packages available, that add extra functionality to your listings with additional features (i.e. Special Offers, Maps, extra Images, downloads)

4. Payment options? There are many payment options available: Paypal, Wire Transfer, Bank deposit, Credit card, Cheque

5. Create Account or Login? Click here

7. Lost Password?. Click here

8. How can i upgrade my account

9. Could you help me add my own listing, because iam not very good with computers...  How much it will cost? Yes, we certainly can help you with your listings, the cost depends on the feature package that is most suitable for your business.

Listing Instructions

We recommend you perform a quick search to ensure your company is not already listed. If no listings were found, register for an account and begin creating your listing. 

If you are Company is Already Listed

If you find your company is listed and the contact information is out of date, please register for a new account and provide us with the correct contact information. You will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to access the listing so you can update the information.

Then find your listing and the press EDIT THIS LISTING

We will receive an email from you requesting that you are the owner. When we grant you access you will be able to edit your listing (phone, logo, description, photo etc)


If you are Company is NOT Listed

Signup/Login as a user (you can also use you facebook and other accounts)



Choose the listing membership level that is best suited to your needs. (FREE, BUSINESS, PREMIUM)

2. Choose a primary classification. (main category for your company)

3. Enter title and company name./Frindly URL

4. Short description (appears in listing)
5. Full description. (appears when someone clicks on your listing)

4. Choose additional categories (available for BUSINESS AND PREMIUM ONLY)

5. Keywords (for SEARCHING in Services.com.cy)

6. META Description . Used by GOOGLE and other search engines in their search results.

7. META Keywords. Used by GOOGLE and other search engines in their search results.

10. Address.

11. Web site.

12. Logo.




Once listing is submitted you can add:

1. Images ? download pictures.

2. Offers ? provide special offers to viewers on your products and services.

3. Documents ? download brochures, catalogs, white papers and more.

4. Banners ? (available for Gold and Platinum memberships only). Download one of each banner size: 468x60 and 125x125.

5. Site links.

6. View statistics, including hits, Web site visits, e-mails received, banner impressions and banner clicks.